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More pictures....

Okay, so, as I promised. Here are the rest of the pictures.

There are A LOT of them. Like 30 or some crazy number like that. If you have a slow connection, I would not suggest being impatient and/or looking. Some of the pictures are bigger than I wanted them to be but they are already poor quality due to bad lighting and I did not want to make them worse. So, without further delay, I present:

Scott Jeffer's last performance in RHPS
...from stage left, plus some other cast members.

These are in no particular order and with comments from me when I see fit.

I thought this picture was kinda creepy.

Oops, that be Becca and Bradley.

Just after the reveal of the "I am Scott Jeffers" shirt.

Odd picture. shrug.

This one is odd, too.

I love the look on his face.... and those shoes.


Sing it!

Check that attitude. Hell yeah.

Fan club!

Action Chris!

Sex slave?

More sex slave.

The end.

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