M. L. Rambaud (misformurmur) wrote in welovescott,
M. L. Rambaud

Story Time!

Once upon a time Scott Jeffers was at work behind the magic counter, happily touching something just out of view. Very happily. I mean look at that grin!
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Then along came CamRon the Annoying and with him he brought his Orange Highlighter of Marking and his Rabbit Ears of Immaturity. His goofy ass smile permeated his surroundings and no one was safe from his tom foolery! Scott was considerably less pleased with life and his visage grew long in consequence. His hand's whereabouts, however, remained a mystery.
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To combat CamRon Scott called forth a big ol' mean white tiger... in sneakers. He was a vicious, bloodthirsty tiger who answered to no man (save Scott) and loved to boogie on down on the disco floor. Nothing is worse than a disco loving white tiger with a thirst for blood... in sneakers.
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Scott pointed his mighty finger (not the one on the mysterious hand, that one is still unaccounted for) at CamRon and bid the Big ol' mean, disco dancing, bloodthirsty, vicious white tiger in sneakers dispose of CamRon in any way necessary for the permanent destruction of aforementioned pain in the ass. The big ol' mean white tiger in sneakers saw fit to strangle the Annoyance and bite upon his face until he was subdued, then he planned to mount his head next to his other worthy opponents... fluffy bunnies.
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The Ends.

Have a Scotty J. Day!
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