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For the Love of Scott!

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8th December 2005

archangela_az12:40am: Hokay,
Not sure how many people on here aren't on my firends list but want info on Friday's combined bdays happenings. So, because I'm lazy and not up for reposting everything, just leave a comment on here and I will respond with whatever info you need.


25th November 2005

archangela_az10:36pm: x-posted from my journal for maximum effectiveness
Two weeks.

What is that?

Oh yes, my birthday!!!

And, after talking to Mr. Scott Jeffers last night there has been the agreeance (is that really a word or did I just massacre the spelling? oh well) that with our birthdays being 2 days apart from each other, we should combine celebrations. No one responded the last time I asked for some ideas of what to do for the 9th, but I figure, with the added incentive of celebrating two birthdays, people might have some ideas to offer up.

So, here's where I ask you guys to help little Ms. Unimaginative (a.k.a me) with some ideas of something to do.


I'm cute.

And Scott's cute.

And you love us.
Current Mood: cheerful

22nd November 2005

ewwwyourecreepy11:08am: I forgot to post this a LONG time ago.

[Scott Jeffers at a cult film themed Rocky Horror event]

I have more photos from that night [if you are interested], but no more of Scott Jeffers.
Current Mood: dorky

9th November 2005

ewwwyourecreepy8:03pm: For those of you who didn't know, Scott Jeffers is having a birthday on December 7th.
Current Mood: chipper

28th September 2005

downtownfairy7:08pm: I have not seen Scott in waaaay too long.
Current Mood: sad

26th May 2005

tgbdramanerd6:39pm: can someone tell me how to become a member of the scott jeffers group? i probise i will be civil
Current Mood: anxious

21st May 2005

spids6912:37am: I Miss Scott Jeffers!
I may <3 him, but it's been so long since I've seen him that I'm starting to forget WHY I less than three this man!
Current Mood: sad

29th April 2005

whiterabbit0011:20am: Next Wednesday....
Shhh don't tell Scott... Robert the Meagan and I came up with this awesome idea to go to Easley's next wednesday and stand outside with a PA and megaphone thingys and have signs and where I <3 Scott Jeffers shirts... anyone else up for it????

24th April 2005

misformurmur12:39am: Story Time!
A Fable.Collapse )

Have a Scotty J. Day!

23rd April 2005

lorikat11:53am: Mr. Jeffers comes to Bookmans.
So Scotty J. stopped by my store last night. I work at Bookman's at 19th Ave & Northern. While I was standing their being the manager on duty and cashieering what do I see but the lovely halo walking up to the register. Yes, the angels were singing on high. While we were talking he was leaning over the counter, later on my co-worker asked who that cutie was that was hitting on me. I giggled and I was like oh that's just Scott. So I got myself a hug when he left, and I felt all warm & fuzzy inside. Thank you god, I mean, Scott for making my night. <3
Current Mood: silly

20th April 2005

meggodoom3:28pm: I don't know why, but every time I talk to Mr. Jeffers, it just makes me giddy.
Like yesterday, the makeup manager was supposed to have ordered some base for a customer(the customer was very vague and said he needed it the week of the 20th so it was kinda his fault as well but whatever) and didn't order it til friday, so it wasn't due to show up til today... whatever none of you needed to know that.

the point is, I called the E to see if they had it. I didn't expect to talk to the jeffers, I even told a coworker that one of my favorite people ever worked there but I doubted I'd talk to him because I didn't think he worked in the makeup department... ANYWAY!!! I called, and got my question answered and it was the jeffers. and it made me smile. like WOOOO I looove scott jeffers. It.. was interesting to yell that while at work. anyway just thought I'd share.
Current Mood: crazy

2nd April 2005

spids695:36pm: Hmm...
We talked about doing the I <3 Scott Jeffers shirts with the text how it appears here, rather than a heart. What would you all think of a shirt that actually SAYS "I Less Than Three Scott Jeffers"?
spids694:56pm: So...
Nobody else wants I <3 Scott Jeffers shirts?

1st April 2005

spids694:16am: I <3 Scott Jeffers Shirts
Okay, it's time to make a new batch since Scott's parents want some and all I have left are smalls. I know a lot of you didn't get yours before and a lot of people who did get shirts didn't pay, so what I'm doing this time is taking orders and getting the money before they're made (Chelle's mom tool a bath on the last batch...everyone should thank her).

So, if you want an "I <3 Scott Jeffers" shirt, please email me at spids69@yahoo.com with your size and how many you want. You have to be able to get the money to me and pick up your shirt, I'm not gonna do deliveries this time.

Shirts were $5 a piece last time, but I need to talk to the shirtmakers that be before I say that the cost will be the same this time.


I've thought about doing a second set of shirts that actually have "I <3 Scott Jeffers" doing the heart in the less than and three symbols. How many of you would be interested in such a beast? Please just reply here with responses to this question.

8th March 2005

whiterabbit009:29am: *GIGGLES*
My ringtone is Scott Jeffers... hehehehe...hehe...he.... :D!!!

And his play is cool yo!!!
Current Mood: giggly

6th March 2005

misformurmur8:54pm: Wheeee
I saw Scott's play. It was fucking great! I recommend everyone go see it. Whether you like Scott Jeffers or not (but for sure if you love Scott Jeffers), it's just a damn good show.



6th February 2005

rozeecheeks6:21am: gotta love a man who dresses up in a penis costume and lets people lick him. <3

why we love scottCollapse )
badgebunny3:15am: Hee hee
I was in charge of Scott Jeffers' penis tonight!

(I told you I was gonna post it!)

Current Mood: amused

24th January 2005

badgebunny8:32pm: Happiness is...

Watching Scott sing "Don't let the sun go down on me"!!
Current Mood: happy

16th January 2005

monkeeness3:50am: I hugged a Jeffers today, have you? :)
Current Mood: accomplished

11th January 2005

sacre11:57pm: More pictures....
Okay, so, as I promised. Here are the rest of the pictures.

There are A LOT of them. Like 30 or some crazy number like that. If you have a slow connection, I would not suggest being impatient and/or looking. Some of the pictures are bigger than I wanted them to be but they are already poor quality due to bad lighting and I did not want to make them worse. So, without further delay, I present:

Scott Jeffer's last performance in RHPS
...from stage left, plus some other cast members.

Tell us about it, Janet! (all the rest)Collapse )

x-posted to my journal.
Current Mood: amused

10th January 2005

sacre5:16pm: Peekture.

Mr. Jeffer's last performance for RHPS.

How we love him so.

More pictures, later. Maybe. If I feel so inclined.

(x-posted to my journal)

Edit: Pictures soon. I have an interview in the morning and need to sleep now.
Current Mood: pleased

9th January 2005

rozeecheeks6:45am: my scott story
for weeks, my friend becca has been raving about scott jeffers. i'd never met him, but i'd heard from so many people how awesome he is. i knew i had to meet him eventually. tonight was his last performance with BoB, and as a tribute, they were selling "i <3 scott jeffers" tshirts. my friends had them, so i got one too. i knew i'd <3 scott once i met him, so i was planning ahead. he gave an incredible performance, and i was lucky enough to meet him at nick's afterward. he's just as awesome as becca and mo have said. i'm sad that he won't be performing with BoB anymore, but i hope he'll visit often, because i <3 scott jeffers.
Current Mood: dorky
monkeeness5:41am: I love Scott! =P Hotness surrounded him tonight.
Current Mood: tired
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