Robert Guthrie (spids69) wrote in welovescott,
Robert Guthrie

I <3 Scott Jeffers Shirts

Okay, it's time to make a new batch since Scott's parents want some and all I have left are smalls. I know a lot of you didn't get yours before and a lot of people who did get shirts didn't pay, so what I'm doing this time is taking orders and getting the money before they're made (Chelle's mom tool a bath on the last batch...everyone should thank her).

So, if you want an "I <3 Scott Jeffers" shirt, please email me at with your size and how many you want. You have to be able to get the money to me and pick up your shirt, I'm not gonna do deliveries this time.

Shirts were $5 a piece last time, but I need to talk to the shirtmakers that be before I say that the cost will be the same this time.


I've thought about doing a second set of shirts that actually have "I <3 Scott Jeffers" doing the heart in the less than and three symbols. How many of you would be interested in such a beast? Please just reply here with responses to this question.
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